Restorative Dentistry

The teeth are meant to last people a lifetime, yet many people do not make it through their life with all of their natural teeth intact. Restorative dentistry is the specialized area of improving the health of the entire mouth. All of the teeth work together to support each another, the jaw bone and maintain healthy gums. When one or more of the teeth are missing, the mouth becomes susceptible to bone deterioration, and that causes the loss of even more teeth. At Bear Valley Dental Care, we use restorative dentistry to help people regain the health and confidence of a complete smile.

Dentures have been used for centuries to replace missing teeth. These days, there are more options available. Bear Valley Dental Care offers the following restorative dentistry services to give smiles back to those who have lost teeth.

Complete Dental Restorations

A complete dental restoration takes into consideration the health of your whole mouth. Patients who are missing teeth due to trauma, injury, damage or decay, need a viable solution to protect their oral health. Dr. Hyatt is experienced in restorative dentistry, and he can help patients make the best decision for restoring their smiles. Dentures and dental implants are advanced methods that restore your smile to a complete and beautiful feature. They also protect the mouth from losing its strength and vitality. Dr. Hyatt also offers implant restorations to help maintain and repair implants after they are in place.

If you are considering restorative dentistry, contact Bear Valley Dental Care. We understand that your missing teeth are a very personal issue, and the entire team at Bear Valley Dental Care offers compassionate and gentle care to restore your smile. We offer flexible payment plans and accept many types of dental insurance for your convenience. Please contact our practice to learn how you can regain a healthy, fully functioning and attractive smile.

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