Tooth Pain Relief

You should never ignore tooth pain. If you have a tooth that is painful, it is an indicator that something is going on that needs to be evaluated by your dentist, so you should seek dental treament as quickly as possible. Tooth pain is most commonly the symptom of a damaged, infected or a decaying tooth. At Bear Valley Dental Care, we provide tooth pain relief by getting to the root cause of your pain.

Finding the source of your tooth pain is essential to properly treating the issue within your mouth. Without proper treatment, any type of infection or decay can easily spread throughout the neighboring teeth and entire mouth. The team at Bear Valley Dental Care is committed to your health and comfort. We will find the issue that is causing your pain and provide an effective solution to restore your oral health. At our practice, we can repair cracked or damaged teeth, treat receding gums that expose the sensitive tooth roots and perform root canals to relieve your pain. Please do not ignore your tooth pain! Call our practice today.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is a condition that can have negative ramifications on many aspects of your life. If you suffer from chronic headaches, sore jaw muscles, a stiff neck or even ringing in the ears, you may be suffering from TMD or TMJ. Bear Valley Dental Care offers effective diagnosis and treatment of jaw pain. Our comprehensive dental practice treats patients of all ages with a full range of dental services including the specialized treatment for TMD or TMJ.

The most important step is accurately diagnosing the cause of your discomfort. Teeth grinding, clenching and other forms of stress on the jaw can cause damage to your facial muscles and weaken the temporomandibular joint. Our practice accepts many forms of dental insurance, and we gladly offer flexible payment plans for those who do not have dental coverage. Please do not suffer. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to help you find relief from pain.

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