Tooth Extractions

The health of your smile is the highest priority at Bear Valley Dental Care. While it is our mission to help all patients make it through life with all of their natural teeth intact, we understand that there are certain situations and circumstances that make this unattainable. In some instances, dental treatments such as tooth extractions and wisdom teeth removal are in the patient’s best interest. Trauma, severe infection, limited oral space and impacted wisdom teeth can all lead to the need for tooth extractions. When this is the case, there is no better dental practice to trust than Bear Valley Dental Care.

Your tooth should never be extracted on a whim or as a “maybe” solution. Only when no other option presents itself as a viable solution will the team at Bear Valley Dental Care perform this procedure. If it comes to a point where your tooth cannot be saved, our dental practice offers comfortable, compassionate and affordable care to provide the highest standard of dentistry.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

For painless wisdom teeth removal in Boyertown, Bear Valley Dental Care provides the gentle care you need. The entire staff at our dental practice makes every effort to put our patients’ comfort as a top priority. When the wisdom teeth fail to emerge from the gum line, or if they emerge at an angle, the entire mouth is vulnerable to severe issues. It is imperative that wisdom teeth be removed from the mouth before they begin to cause serious trouble such as misalignment of the permanent teeth or infection. The American Dental Association strongly recommends that the wisdom teeth be removed before a person reaches young adulthood. This age is typically when the wisdom teeth have developed deeper roots and are much more difficult to remove.

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure that you should not fear. Contact Bear Valley Dental Care today to schedule an appointment to discuss when you or your child should consider this procedure.

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