Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a very effective general dental treatment used to remove the pain of an infected tooth. All teeth are living features of the body, with their own roots and nerve systems. When a tooth is infected at a deep level, the roots and sensitive nerves of the tooth will literally be “zapped” every time you try to eat, drink or even speak. In order to restore the health of your tooth and entire mouth, root canal therapy is often the most ideal solution. At Bear Valley Dental Care, we know that root canals have a bad reputation, but they truly should not. Root canals are often associated with pain, but it is the pain of the infected tooth, not from the actual procedure.

If you have a tooth that is infected or severely damaged, inflammation and oral bacteria will only make your pain worse. Contact our dental practice to schedule an appointment for root canal therapy. Don’t be afraid! This procedure will relieve your pain, and we promise to keep your comfort as a high priority.

Root Canals Offers Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

Many people have the misconception that root canals are painful procedures, yet the exact opposite is true. Infected teeth are painful, and root canals offer pain relief for infected teeth!

The pain associated with root canals actually comes from the infected teeth. Anytime a tooth’s interior is exposed to bacteria, infection, damage or decay, the inner nerves and roots are attacked. Once any type of damage or infection is allowed inside the tooth, extreme pain will result.

Root canals offer the pain relief you need. Done under local anesthesia, the process of a root canal is similar to an extensive cavity repair. The infection is removed from the center of the tooth. Next, the tooth is treated and filled. For patients with anxiety toward dental procedures or those who need a little extra help relaxing for their appointment, Bear Valley Dental Care offers different levels of sedation dentistry to meet your needs.

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