Children’s Dentistry

Bear Valley Dental Care is a comprehensive family dental practice that provides exceptional dentistry for patients of all ages. Not only does our practice understand that preventive dental care helps to protect young teeth and smiles as they develop, but we also know that children’s teeth need specialized care. Partnering with parents is one of our highest priorities as a dental practice. What you do every day to help your children protect and care for their smile, is every bit as important as making regular dental visits a priority.

At Bear Valley Dental Care, we truly enjoy working with children and their parents to create smiles that will last a lifetime. Children should begin visiting the dentist as soon as their baby teeth begin to erupt inside the mouth. Caring for these baby teeth is vital, as it paves the way for a healthy, permanent smile. Our friendly hygienists, office staff and doctors go out of their way to make our littlest patients feel at ease and excited about visiting the dentist. Contact our office to schedule an appointment for your child today.

We Love Your Kids!

Many adults who allow dental phobia to keep them from visiting the dentist contribute their fear to dental experiences from their childhood. This is truly a devastating occurrence emotionally and can cause neglect of oral health. At Bear Valley Dental Care, we love kids! We go out of our way to make sure their first appointments are fun and enjoyable. We make visits educational and teach the little ones the importance of keeping teeth healthy and how to care for their oral health. With a little time and fun, we strive to help children take ownership of their smile so that it will be healthy, beautiful and last for a lifetime.

Regular dental visits are critical for kids, even when all of their baby teeth have not yet erupted. Keeping the first set of teeth healthy paves the way for the permanent teeth to develop properly. Children should visit the dentist once or twice a year for a thorough cleaning and exam. At Bear Valley Dental Care, we truly care about your kids, and we do our best to provide an atmosphere of comfort and enjoyment.

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