Teeth Whitening

One of the easiest ways to transform the appearance of your smile is through a simple cosmetic dental procedure known as teeth whitening. Certain foods and beverages are known for their staining agents, but the teeth also yellow and lose their luster with age. Teeth whitening can remove stains that have been caused by years of tobacco use, countless mornings started with coffee and evenings finished with red wine. If you are interested in getting back the white, luminous appearance of your smile, contact Bear Valley Dental Care to learn more.

Having a beautiful smile is equated with youth, beauty and good health. While magazine covers and Hollywood stars make it look easy, it is actually quite difficult to maintain a brilliantly white smile. With eating, aging and certain lifestyle habits, the teeth dull and stain over the years. If you are interested in recapturing the beauty of your pearly whites, teeth whitening is a simple and quick procedure that can often be done during your lunch break.

In-office teeth whitening procedures are the absolute best way to achieve the white smile that you desire. While there are many over the counter products available, by law, they are not allowed to use the whitening gel that is as effective at lifting stains from the teeth. On top of that, over the counter options are often difficult to use correctly and cause extreme sensitivity to the teeth. At Bear Valley Dental Care, our teeth whitening procedures are done with precision under the supervision of our dentist. This ensures that you are able to achieve the results you want, without jeopardizing the health of your teeth.

We happily serve brides and grooms who want a stunning smile on their big day, teachers who want to make a great impression at the beginning of the school year, professionals who depend on their smiles to close deals and even stay at home moms who simply want to feel their best. Bear Valley Dental Care has teeth whitening solutions that will help you safely achieve the smile that you desire. In just one appointment, you can lighten your teeth multiple shades. We will help you look younger and more attractive in just one visit! Contact our comprehensive dental practice today to schedule an appointment.

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