Dental Bridges

Missing teeth can negatively impact the appearance of your smile, making you self-conscious or embarrassed to show your teeth. Not only do missing teeth create an aesthetic issue, but missing teeth cause significant issues to the entire mouth over time. Dental bridges are cosmetic and structural appliances that are used as a cosmetic dental treatment to create a complete and strengthened smile. Bear Valley Dental Care offers beautiful dental bridges that aesthetically close the gaps in your smile while also protecting your oral health.

A missing tooth, or teeth, can be embarrassing because missing teeth often give off an unwanted impression. Missing teeth also cause the adjacent teeth to shift out of their positions over time, causing a mouthful of oral health concerns. Dental bridges offer a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. They offer the support that your remaining teeth need and also improve the overall appearance of your smile.

A Solution for Missing Teeth

Bear Valley Dental Care is proud to provide our patients with a solution for missing teeth. Dental bridges are prosthetic pieces that are held in place by the existing teeth that act like anchors. Dental bridges literally bridge the gaps in your smile to create a complete appearance. Dental crowns are created to match the appearance of your other natural teeth, and the prosthetic device fits in the gap. Once dental bridges are placed inside the mouth, they provide full function of natural teeth and provide the support that the surrounding teeth need. They help to reduce the likelihood that adjacent teeth will become loose. The dental bridge is anchored to your natural teeth, so it provides a stable fit so that you do not need to worry about slipping or moving.

If you have missing teeth, please contact Bear Valley Dental Care to learn more about your options for replacing your teeth and restoring your smile.

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