Composite Fillings

Bear Valley Dental Care is pleased to offer our patients the option of composite fillings as a part of our cosmetic dentistry services. For many years, all fillings were silver or amalgam. While these fillings were effective as a treatment for a cavity, they forever changed the appearance of your smile. Amalgam fillings are very noticeable when you open your mouth. Should you ever have a cavity on one of your front teeth, it would be noticeable all the time. Composite fillings have drastically altered the way in which people are able to restore their smiles. Composite resin fillings are incredibly durable and are able to be color matched so that they blend in naturally with your teeth. Composite fillings are made to endure the normal wear and tear of your mouth’s daily function, and they can last for years.

At Bear Valley Dental Care, we truly care about our patients’ needs and personal preferences. Some people are fine to have a back molar filled with amalgam fillings, while others want no evidence of a filling inside their mouth. Using the best technology, our practice delivers top quality oral health care to patients in Boyertown. Call us today.

What is a Composite Resin?

Composite resin is a durable filling material made mostly of ceramic, plastic and glass. Composite fillings are typically applied to the damaged tooth in stages. The material is “painted” on the damaged tooth, and a special curing light is used to dry and harden each layer of material as it is applied. The curing process creates a very durable surface that restores the health of the tooth and also leaves a natural appearance.

With more information coming out against the dangers of mercury, many people are choosing to have their amalgam fillings replaced with composite fillings. Bear Valley Dental Care is proud to offer this cosmetic dentistry service to our patients. Whether you need a new filling or want to restore the appearance of your smile by replacing amalgam fillings with tooth-colored fillings, contact Bear Valley Dental Care today to schedule an appointment.

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