First Visit

Many people think that one dental practice is the same as the next. However, being a new patient at your first visit to Bear Valley Dental Care, you will be pleasantly surprised. We offer an enjoyable dental experience for patients of all ages. With your very first visit, you will be able to distinguish how our practice strives to make every aspect of your time in our office comfortable and convenient. We appreciate the fact that your life is busy, and your schedule is full. That is why we strive to meet all your scheduling needs. Another way we extend our effectiveness is by helping you get the most out of your dental insurance plan. Many plans are full of confusing terms and what seems to be contradicting coverage. Our friendly office staff will take the time to answer any questions that you may have. They will help you feel at ease regarding your insurance coverage or flexible payment options that you need.

Before you arrive for your first visit, we have made new patient forms available online for your convenience. By having these filled out before you arrive, will ensure that we have everything you need to get started in a timely manner. You will be greeted by one of our friendly office staff members who will check you in, answer any questions and cover any other details before your appointment begins. From the moment you enter Bear Valley Dental Care, we will do everything we can to make you feel welcome and at ease.

During Your Appointment

Your first visit to Bear Valley Dental Care will provide both of us a great deal of information. We will begin by taking the dental x-rays that are needed to ensure that we have an accurate and up-to-date view of your oral health. One of our gentle hygienists will perform an examination of your teeth and gums to assess their health and determine the cleaning tools that will be needed. In most cases, your teeth will be cleaned the same day as your first appointment. However, for those who require a more thorough cleaning due to signs of gingivitis, periodontal disease or other oral health concerns, it may be necessary to schedule this cleaning for another convenient time for a longer appointment.

After your initial examination, you will meet with Dr. Jashank Sampat. Our qualified doctor will review your x-rays and provide another examination of your entire mouth to identify any areas of concern. If there are any oral health issues present, you will be given all the information that you need regarding necessary dental treatments. You will be informed of the steps needed to achieve and maintain optimal oral health. All questions are welcome, including options available to you and any other concerns that you may have.

Contact Bear Valley Dental Care today to schedule your first appointment. We look forward to meeting you and developing a partnership that will ensure your beautiful smile lasts for a lifetime.


  • Great very nice and always making sure you are not in any pain.

    Janet Wallace
  • Excellent experience, thorough and professional cleaning and check-up.

    James Dozier
  • Friendly staff!

    Jinho Park
  • Great office with a friendly and thorough staff!

    Melanie Pizarro
  • Everyone in the office is very kind and helpful.

    Judith Domanico
  • Very friendly staff, all around great experience!

    Dan McGarry

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